Did This TV Actress Get A Lip Job?

Did This TV Actress Get A Lip Job?

Divya Rao

Saath Nibhana Saathiya actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee is a popular face on Indian TV. The actress, who is quite active on social media, is said to have gone under the knife to get a lip job. She has reportedly started looking different and people on sets seem to think there’s something on her face that’s changed.

Devoleena has finally broken her silence on these rumours and told Telechakkar that when she does go under the knife, she’ll happily flaunt it.

I am a social media fanatic and post my pictures almost every day. If I had actually undergone a surgery and enhanced my lips, people would have noticed. There would have been some changes but no one saw it except these people. Whoever carried the story has either developed interest in me or maybe I have started looking prettier. I love my lips, my body and myself, and I don’t need to go under the knife at this stage of my life. And even if I do opt for it, it’s my life, my body; I do not think anyone should have any objection. The day I enhance my body, I will flaunt it with pride. If I spend so much money and undergo pain, why will I hide it? Chhupane ke liye thodi karate hai.”

So there you have it. She does make a very valid point though, doesn’t she? Good on you, Devoleena!