Sunil Grover Finally Opens Up On His Exit From The Kapil Sharma Show

Divya Rao , 26 Apr 2017

By now, everyone knows about the ongoing spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. The latter has walked out of the show and has kept himself busy with live shows instead. All of us including Rishi Kapoor miss seeing Grover on the show and he even tried to get him and Kapil to patch up, but to no avail.

At a recent press con for his live show in Baroda, Grover opened up like never before on life after the show. Here are some excerpts.

He didn’t hide the fact that he has been getting a lot of offers.

I won’t deny the fact that there are offers. Yes, I’ve been asked to do another show. But until I am contract-bound with Sony there is nothing else that I can talk about, let alone contemplate or accept. Once I am free to look at my options on television I will speak about the offers.

He isn’t missing being on TKSS and is actually enjoying his break from television.

No regrets as such, because I am working non-stop. My mother never had to ask, ‘Beta, tu kaam par kyon nahin jaa raha hai?’ This break from television has given me a chance to do some serious live shows. I love the live synergy. Right now, as we speak I am in the middle of a performance in Baroda with Sunidhi Chauhan. The audiences’ response is overwhelming. Watching them, I know I wouldn’t have to sit at home even if I didn’t do television.

He may have missed out on the century but he has made some lasting memories.

I was in 92 of those 100 episodes. And so what if I missed out my century by eight runs? If Sachin Tendulkar only thought of centuries he wouldn’t be the legend that he is. I don’t want to sound arrogant. I am happy I did those 92 episodes of the show. I carry beautiful memories of the experience. Now it’s time to move on.

So this means the two aren’t getting back together for the show. His exit from the show is now official. :( All we can say is that we’ll really miss seeing him on the show because like he said, he has been a part of 92 episodes out of the 100!

Will you miss him as much as we will? Tell us in the comments below.

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