Here's How Priyanka Chopra Reacted When She Was Compared To Deepika Padukone

Divya Rao , 27 Apr 2017

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have been pitted against each other for the longest time now. They’re both ruling the roost in Bollywood and are slowly making their mark in Hollywood. While DP debuted with xXx: The Return Of The Xander Cage, PC will be making her debut with Baywatch in a couple of weeks. So, it’s but natural that people keep comparing the two.

At a recent press con in the city for Baywatch, PC was asked how she feels about these comparisons and she had a classic Priyanka response!

I have been compared to actresses all my life. I have no problems with that. They compare me to everyone during each release. It’s become a habit now.

She’s unfazed as always.

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