Priyanka Chopra Has Some Very Sensible Thoughts On The Gender Bias In Bollywood

Divya Rao , 27 Apr 2017

Everyone’s favourite desi girl Priyanka Chopra is back in Mumbai and has already begun working (as always!). She doesn’t ever take a break, does she? PC attended a press con to promote Baywatch yesterday and was asked about her thoughts on the gender bias in both Bollywood and Hollywood. She gave a very sensible answer.

Here are excerpts.

We live in a male dominated world – be it India or America. Even over there, people are fighing for equality. The world in general has told women that we are second class citizens. So now, even in films, male stars are given that sort of reverance. With female actors also, we should change our point of view. We have already had a 100 crore woman oriented film – Kangana’s film, right?

She also added that it is a big fight and that the mentality of the audience first needs to change.

It’s a big fight. Before, such movies did not even get a good opening. But see Mary Kom – it had one of the biggest openings. So it is a good time for actresses. Hopefully, in a few years, our movies will also make 200 or 300 crores. But the mentality of the audience has to change. That is more important. People should want to come and watch good films and not judge if it is a girl or a guy. However, fan followings are a boon. Like my fans will always come to watch my film. And you know India’s population! So its fine. As women, we are making changes and as an audience they are making changes. It is the same with Hollywood. The disparity – so many actresses have talked about it.

She always makes so much sense, doesn’t she? And it’s great to see her doing whatever she can to reduce that same disparity.

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