Fenty Beauty By Rihanna's Release Date Revealed

Natasha Patel , 28 Apr 2017

Coming soon. ? #FentyBeauty

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Say hello to the best news of your day. Yes, it is true that our “bad gal“, Rihanna is all set to launch her new beauty line; Fenty Beauty. And when a girl like RiRi, who has influenced millions opens her own beauty line, what do you do? START SAVING THE $$$! Kidding, we freak the hell out first!

With Rihanna’s bold makeup choices and innovative old-school throwback looks, we can hardly wait to see what the singer has in store for us. Alright, now here’s what we know…

  • Rihanna is set to launch it this September at Sephora

#FentyBeauty is coming in September!

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  • The packaging looks quite pristine

  • The countries it will be available in

Rihanna's cosmetics brand #FentyBeauty will be distributed within 24 countries. #SEPTEMBER

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Sadly India isn’t a part of that plan. But oh well, there’s always ways and means to get our paws on some FENTY!

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