Wow! Bharti Singh & Haarsh Limbachiya Gifted Their Nach Baliye 8 Crew Something Special

Divya Rao , 28 Apr 2017

Comedian Bharti Singh with her rumoured boyfriend Harsh | Source: Instagram |

Bharti Singh and her baliye Haarsh Limbachiya have been winning our hearts with their amazing performances in Nach Baliye 8. Obviously, a lot of work and countless hours of rehearsals go into making these performances a hit week after week. The couple did an aerial act recently and put in hours of practice over 4 days but were lucky enough to have the comfort of an air conditioner. They soon realised how hard it must be for the guys who sit above holding the harnesses. Which is why, as a token of appreciation for their efforts, Bharti decided to gift them mobile phones. How sweet!

She spoke to DNA about it.

While dancing we sweat, so imagine how hot the guys, who sit on the top holding the harnesses  must be feeling. Usually the production house runs the AC for the entire unit, which costs a lot. So, Harsh and I decided to pay for the days we rehearse.

She realised that moving them back and forth probably wasn’t an easy task.

We realised that it would have been painful pulling moving me and Harsh up. I weigh 85 kilos and Harsh is 80 kilos. So, the combined weight is over 160 kgs. Both of us felt bad for them and decided we should do something for them as a token of appreciation. Harsh ruled out money or clothes, so we zeroed in on cell phones.

She also added that the two decided to do this privately.

I didn’t want to do it on stage in front of everybody, so I called them to our room. Initially, they were scared as they thought something had gone wrong during the act. When we said we are very happy with them and so are giving them a small gift, they broke into smiles. Looking at their faces, I felt like I have won Nach Baliye! It was an emotional moment.

Awww! Isn’t that nice? There really isn’t a better gift than seeing a smile on someone’s face. :)

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