This TV Actress Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Didn't Like The Way She Dressed

Divya Rao , 29 Apr 2017

Another one from last night.. ???

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TV actress Sreejita De, who is currently seen in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, is a well known face. In an interview with TOI, she opened up about her past, which included her IT engineer boyfriend. She spoke about how they were incompatible and he had a lot of issues with the way she dressed and her choice of career. Here’s an excerpt.

When I started dating him, I didn’t know that I’ll have to change myself completely to win his love. He too, felt that once I fall in love with him, I will be exactly the way he wants me to be. He had issues with my profession and even changed the way I dressed. He wanted regular updates on what I am doing on the sets and who I am spending time with. I also had to be at home most of the time because he hated going out for parties or enjoying an evening out. For me, my personal space is extremely important and I wasn’t comfortable with his behaviour.

She also added that she soon realised that his degree and fat pay cheque couldn’t make her happy nor could it change the person he was. She didn’t want to and couldn’t live her life on somebody else’s terms. It was then that she made the choice to break up with him and move on.

Good on you, Sreejia. More power to you!

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