"I Saw Bipasha And Her Mom Fighting & It Was Like This Tandaav Happening" - Karan Singh Grover

Divya Rao , 03 May 2017
Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu just celebrated their first marriage anniversary and the two lovebirds shared some of their cutest moments with us through Instagram. They’re undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s most loved couples and fans wait to get a glimpse of the two.

In a recent interview with DNA, Karan and Bipasha opened up on life after marriage. Here are excerpts.

On Karan’s most annoying habit…

Karan’s a quirky guy. I got my man and this is what for me is the mark of a true man. But what annoys me? He’s very sensitive. Sensitivity is a great thing. But he’s too sensitive.

On their fights…

We don’t have problems, but fights and we get engrossed too much in that, so we take turns. And she starts it again by saying, ‘Don’t say sorry. I hate sorry!’ She has no place for a word like sorry in her life so she doesn’t like to use it or hear it. Next time we have an argument instead of saying sorry, I will say ‘I am so Lulu!’

On what it is like to watch Bipasha and her mom fight…

I have learned this from my father-in-law. He told me, ‘Hamara dono biwi na… fire hai! Tum usske saath thoda thanda rehna. Tum water sign na, aag ke upar paani daal dena. No problem.’ One day, I saw Bipasha and her mom fighting and it was like this tandaav happening! Her dad and I kept looking at each other. His sarcasm and humour is something else.


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