Deepika Padukone Responds To The Criticism Around Her MetGala Outfit

Sukriti Gumber , 05 May 2017

Deepika Padukone recently attended the MetGala, looking ethereal in a white satin gown by Tommy Hilfiger. Although the diva always looks impressive, no matter what she wears, this time her outfit invited some amount of criticism as it did not adhere to the MetGala theme.

However, Deepika rightfully turned a deaf ear to all the negative comments. At the L’Oreal Paris press conference, she told the media:

I think the focus is too much on the clothes. The idea is to have fun. I am sure my team will come up with something amazing but the idea is to keep it fun. The only time I will allow any sort of comment on my attire is when the flak comes from my mother or my girlfriends.

Well said, DP! The only people whose criticism should seriously affect you are the ones who are close to you. She further said that she only dresses up for herself and likes to maintain a balance between her comfort zone and the latest trends:

It’s a collective decision. We work together to create a look. I am not dressing for you, I am dressing for myself, so it’s okay if you don’t like it. I think all of us have a signature style, something that you are comfortable in. I have some things that I’m comfortable with… I like to put my hair up, I like red lips. I’m fortunate enough to work with the industry experts who help me find the balance between my comfort and the current trends.

We love you for saying that, Deepika! Dress for yourself, ladies, and always prioritise your comfort!

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