8 Things You Don't Know About Designer Gauri From Gauri & Nainika

Sanaa Shah , 10 May 2017
Gauri Karan (Image Source: Instagram)
Gauri Karan (Image Source: Instagram)

We sat down with one-half of the talented design duo behind Gauri & Nainika, the brand known for its ladylike glamour. The designer’s aesthetic of old-world charm combined with modern edginess has been a constant fixture on the Bollywood red carpet. While we know a lot about their designs and their aesthetic, we asked Gauri Karan few things you would never know about.

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MM: How would you describe your personal style?
Gauri: Well, you can see what I’m wearing. It’s simple but at the same time, it’s glamorous. It makes a statement and it’s super comfortable as well.

MM: Where do you find your inspiration while designing a new collection?

Gauri: When we started off our label a lot of our inspiration was drawn from old Hollywood glamour; like old films, (Audrey Hepburn-like). We also find a lot of inspiration when we travel or when we read a book. Or it could be a fabric or a passing thought. Literally, anything inspires us!

 MM: What could you eat one dozen of?

Gauri: My mum’s food! She’s a fabulous chef, she’s written two cookbooks and she makes the most amazing Hyderabadi food. I could like eat her biryani for ever and ever, and never stop!

MM: How have you stayed so skinny?

Gauri: I’m blessed my parents that have good genes and have passed it on to me. But I also do a lot of yoga and exercise every day. And although I eat all this food I try to eat healthy with that to compensate.

MM: What is your drink of choice?

Gauri: I like beer the most. Kingfisher and Hefeweizen; a german beer top my list.

MM: How would you describe your personal style?

Gauri: It’s simple but at the same time it’s glamorous. It makes a statement and is super comfortable as well.

MM: Where can we usually find you on a Friday or Saturday night?

Gauri: Either at the movie theatre or at some party in Delhi. There’s always so much going on over the weekend.

MM: What do you think every woman should own?

Gauri: Red lipstick.

MM: What is the most cherished item that you own?

Gauri: I think it’s one from our label—Gauri and Nainika. It’s the same as what I’m wearing right now and is my ultimate favourite silhouette. I wear it very often and I keep repeating it because it just feels great and is so comfortable. I have it in every colour. So that I can wear it repeatedly.

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