This TV Actress Just Announced Her Break-Up On Social Media!

Sukriti Gumber , 11 May 2017

Aditi Rathore, who plays Avni in Naamkarann, recently broke up with her bodybuilder boyfriend, Shreedhan Singh. The two had been dating each other since a long time and reportedly, their families also wanted them to take their relationship to the next level.

Their Instagram is full of cute photos of them, along with love messages for each other, and it’s truly sad to see them part ways. Aditi announced her break up on her Instastory:

Source: Instagram | ad_aditirathore93

According to reports, things started taking a down turn when Aditi got busy with Naamkarann, and was unable to give more time to her boyfriend. This created a rift between them, and they eventually parted ways.

We hope the two bury their differences and get back together!

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