Is This Dill Mill Gayye Actress Going To File For Divorce?

Swagata Dam , 15 May 2017

If recent rumours are to go by, TV actress Muskaan Mihani (who’s best remembered for Yeh Meri Life Hai and Dill Mill Gayye) is planning to end her marriage and file for divorce. According to, she was being harassed by her husband and his family. A source has been quoted by the portal saying, “Her husband would run her down all the time and she was told: Teri aukaat kya hai? Tu sirf ek TV actress hai. Wapas chali jaa. Tushal even pushed her once. She was being treated like dirt, the in-laws’ family was ganging up against her.” The source further added, “Tushal was also abusive in the marriage, and he was often in high spirits.”

However, Muskaan recently rubbished the rumours and asserted that all is well between her husband Tushal Sobhani and her. Good to know that these reports were false.

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