Marathi Filmmaker Committed Suicide After Posting About It On Facebook

Sukriti Gumber , 15 May 2017
Atul B. Tapkir
Marathi filmmaker, Atul B. Tapkir reportedly committed suicide in a Pune hotel on Sunday morning. Before ending his own life, Atul wrote a Facebook post mentioning that he was going through tough times, both professionally and personally.
He revealed that he went into losses after he produced the film Dhol Taashe. While his father and sister supported him, his wife had allegedly started abusing and harassing him. She even threw him out of the house, abused and defamed him in the neighborhood. Not only that, it has been reported that she separated him from his children and sent her brothers to beat him up.

He further stated that his wife filed a false police complaint against him. He appealed to Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadnavis to make sure that when a woman files a complaint, the police listens to the man’s side of the story as well. In his Facebok post, he also expressed that his last wish was that his children should be raised by his father, not by his wife. He alleged that he left behind the proof of his innocence in a pen drive.

You can read his suicide note here.

May the departed soul rest in peace!

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