This Popular TV Actress Wants To Get Married Again, 6 Years After Her Divorce

Sukriti Gumber , 16 May 2017
Rakhi Vijan

Rakhi Vijan, who rose to fame as Sweety Mathur from Hum Panch, ended her decade long marriage in 2010. Rakhi, who was married to Raveena Tandon‘s brother, Rajiv Tandon parted ways with him due compatibility issues. Speaking about her marriage to a media portal, Rakhi said that the divorce was long due, and did not wish to speak about it any further.

Currently looking forward to having a good career and life, Rakhi revealed that her parents are looking for an arranged match for her. She reportedly wants to get married again, and travel the world with her companion. However, she is not ready to take up the additional responsibility of rearing kids yet!

Hope you find your perfect match soon enough, Rakhi! Lots of good wishes to you!

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