Get An Exclusive #FirstListen Of Linkin Park's Upcoming Album

Meg DSouza , 18 May 2017

“I tried so hard and got this far, but…..”

Any kid who’s grown up in the 90’s era of alternative (read: awesome) rock music should have absolutely no trouble finishing the rest of the above lyrics.

Sing (read: scream) it with me guys…. “… In the end it doesn’t even matter!” \m/-_-\m/

American alt-rock band, Linkin Park is pretty much a household name for a whole generation of kids across the world. We give them credit for being the ones who really brought the alternative and modern sound of rock music to the mainstream in the 2000’s with their albums – “Hybrid Theory”, “Reanimation”, “Meteora” and “Minutes To Midnight”. They’ve released a total of six albums, sold over 70 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards in the 20 years since they formed. And they’re back with their seventh LP, titled “One More Light”, which is all set for a worldwide release on the 19th of May.

If you’re in Mumbai and if you’re a Linkin Park super-fan then here’s some UHMAAAZING news for you — The good folks from Sony Music India are giving you an exclusive chance to hear the entire album, a WHOLE DAY prior to its worldwide release with an album launch and tribute gig at Razzberry Rhinoceros (Juhu Hotel) on the 18th of May (ie, TONIGHT!). Check out the poster below for complete details.

Linkin Park "One More Light" #FirstListen
Linkin Park “One More Light” #FirstListen

Looks like our mid-week rock-out plans are sorted with this. Tell us in your comments if we’ll see you at show!

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