Simran's Producer Reacts To Kangana Ranaut's Name Appearing First In The Credits - Calls It A Printing Error

Divya Rao , 18 May 2017

We told you yesterday about how the Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran‘s writer Apurva Asrani was extremely upset that she was given writing credits before he was, despite him having come up with the idea and developing it. He alleged that Kangana lied about doing all of this on her own and was irked by the actress’ false claims.

Now the producer of the movie Shailesh Singh has come out to address these rumours. He said it was complete printing error and that Apurva should’ve spoken to him first before venting out on Facebook.

I have worked with Apurva on two of his biggest films — Shahid and Aligarh. Apurva has a legal document in his possession signed by all parties — Kangana, Hansal, the producers and himself wherein he agrees to the credits given by us. As far as the order of credit goes which was out on the Simran poster, it is a printing error that will be rectified in the next poster. I have conveyed this to Apurva. We could have chatted in person before he took the issue to social media.

 He also felt he was doing this for publicity. 

He seems to be doing this for publicity. If this is about him versus Kangana, I want to clarify that to please an actress; I’d have paid her more. Why be unfair to him? Once the film hits screens, we will release the script online for the world to judge.

 Credit given where credit is due. We’re glad this has been sorted and are looking forward to reading the script in due time. 

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