Alia Bhatt Was Denied Entry Into A Bar For Looking Too Young

Divya Rao , 22 May 2017

Alia Bhatt began working at the young age of 18. Right from the day she was launched, she was always told she looks a lot younger for her age. We’re guessing this is totally going to work in Alia’s favour as she gets much older, but for now, she might be dreading this appearance. Haha. We’ll tell you why.

In a recent turn of events, Alia was denied entry into a bar in London for looking too young. She of course showed them her ID but was still turned down. She also told Hindustan Times Brunch that she loves being the youngest one because she’s pampered a lot but the down fall is that she’s always told everything last.

Aww. We feel you, Alia!

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