This Actor Was Slammed For His "Women Are Useful In Bed" Comment

Divya Rao , 23 May 2017

Another day goes by and yet another ignorant person has managed to pass a sexist and demeaning comment. This time, a veteran south Indian actor – Chalapathi Rao. He was at the pre-release function of his upcoming movie Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam, where he shocked everyone with his crass statement.

The film apparently has a line in the film which says that girls are injurious to mental peace. When he was asked about it at the press conference, he reportedly replied by saying girls are not harmful, but they are useful in bed. Disgusting.

Thankfully, his comments didn’t go down well with the audience and they were quick to make their displeasure known. The interview was aired on a couple of telugu channels and soon after, Telugu superstar Akiineni Nagarjuna took to Twitter to slam him for that lewd remark.

We’re glad that at least someone has spoken up against him. It’s appalling how people make these comments day in and day out.

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