Sonam Kapoor Was Mistaken For Deepika Padukone By The Foreign Press At The Cannes Film Festival

Sukriti Gumber , 23 May 2017

The foreign press mistook Deepika Padukone for Priyanka Chopra a few months ago. Now that’s an unpardonable crime – and Deepika even gave a fitting response, calling the act racist. Priyanka also called out to them for this folly, saying it was unfair to confuse people based on their common roots.

But they did it again! This time it was Sonam Kapoor who was mistaken for Deepika by the western media. A photo of Sonam was captioned as:

Indian actress Deepika Padukone arrives for the film The Meyerowitz Stories in competition at the 70th Annual International Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 21, 2017.


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