Aww! Anand Ahuja Chose This Outfit Sonam Kapoor Wore At Cannes

Sukriti Gumber , 24 May 2017

For me, Sonam Kapoor goes beyond the realms of just being a fashionista. She can put on a sack and it will become a trend the next day, that’s the aura Sonam has built around herself. Of course, a major chunk of credit goes to her genius sister Rhea Kapoor.

She whips up something amazing each time, and it’s almost always better than before. However, this time around for Sonam’s dreamy Cannes outings, some credit ought to be given to her alleged boyfriend, Anand Ahuja as well. Her NorBlackNorWhite Shimma sari on Day 1 at Cannes was courtesy him, after all. According to a report in DNA, it was Anand who introduced Sonam & Rhea to Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar – the designers of the brand. Sonam likes to promote Indian designers, so she was more than happy to sport their sari – and rock it! We hear Anand was quite happy the fashionable sisters liked his choice!

Why not! Theirs is obviously a match made in heaven!

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