Here's Why Brad Pitt Thinks He Can Never Make It In Bollywood

Divya Rao , 25 May 2017

We were all pleasantly surprised when we saw (the man of everyone’s dreams) Brad Pitt in Mumbai last night to promote his upcoming Netflix special War Machine. He causally chilled with Shah Rukh Khan and spoke to the media there about how the west always has had this image of Bollywood always being about song and dance (apart from other things). He also went on to add that he has great amount of respect for Indian cinema because it has it’s own film language, it’s unique audience and has created a place of its own.

Speaking of song and dance, Pitt said that he can never make it in Bollywood because he can’t dance! SRK was quick to say, “Oh, we’ll make you dance. We make everyone dance.”

Haha. Couldn’t agree more Shah Rukh!

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