The Ripped Denim Trend Gets A Makeover

Sanaa Shah , 25 May 2017

Ripped denim has been one of the biggest and the most consistent trend so far. It’s been trending since aeons and now has a makeover. This style is for anyone looking to step up their denim game. If that’s what you want, here’s some inspiration you can use.

Here’s how you flaunt this trend:

1. Ripped Denim Styled With Fishnets

2. Back & Shoulder Ripped Denim Shirt

3. Butt Ripped Jeans

4. Inner Seam Ripped Jeans Styled Over Fishnets

5. All Over Ripped Denim Jacket

We’re totally digging these denim ensembles, ripped at unusually cool places. Go shopping and give any of these looks a try!

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