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Beach Mood Board
Mood Board For A Day At The Beach

We’re itching for the soothing sound of waves, sun on our backs and sand between our toes. If you’re heading to the beach this month, make sure you’re prepared. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our must-haves for any beach getaway.

1. Beachwear

You might think that beachwear is just for model figures but that’s not true! There are different styles available for different body shapes. There guidelines available online that show you which style if perfect for your body. For some fun in the sun, go for vibrant prints like the one on the bikini below.

Bikini | Image source:
Bikini by Brigitte | Image source:

2. Flip-flops

Comfy flip-flops are essentials as they are not only sand-friendly but they also dry quickly. These slippers are ready to get dirtied up, and they don’t shy away from some adventurous games on the beach.

Flip Flops | Image source:
Flip Flops by Havainas| Image source:

3. Sunglasses

For evading the sunny glares and for those Insta-worthy pictures, pick the sunglasses that complement your beachwear. These really cool wayfarers are just great for some beach swag.

Sunglasses | Image source:
Mykita Sunglasses | Image source:

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential step for being beach-ready! Always be sun safe by applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or 40, and apply it regularly every 2-3 hours.

Sunscreen | Image source:
L’Oreal Paris Sunscreen | Image source:

5. Beach Body Scrub

Before you hit the beach, use this beach body scrub to exfoliate your skin for a silky smooth finish.

Body Scrub | Image source:
Bobbi Brown Beach Body Scrub | Image source:

6. Lip Gloss

Well, we all wanna look good in our vacay pictures, and that is where a lip gloss comes handy, keeping your dewy sun-kissed look on point.

Lipgloss | Image source:
MAC To The Beach SPLASHING Lipglass Lipgloss | Image source:

7. Pouch

Keep all your valuables like earrings, rings, mobile phone, etc safely tucked into a pouch before going for a swim in the ocean.

Pouch | Image source:
South Kona Pouch | Image source:

8. Beach bag

This hold-all beach bag will be your saviour and will carry all the essentials listed above and few more products like a towel, a book, a sarong, etc.

Mood board | Image source:
South Beach Twin Rope Handles Canvas Print Tote | Image source:

Does this make you want to pack your bag and hit the beach too? Send us your beachside vacay pictures and we’ll make a mood board just like this one for you! Also, we would like to know your best seaside memories in the comments below.