Here's What Gulshan Grover Said About Shooting Intimate Scenes With Katrina Kaif

Divya Rao , 31 May 2017
Katrina Kaif and Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover worked with Katrina Kaif in her first ever movie (and also one that she wishes we forget) – Boom. The movie was quite bold for its time and had its fair share of intimate scenes – one of them being between Gulshan and Katrina.

While shooting for Kapil Sharma‘s show, Grover spoke about the experience. A source told Pinkvilla,

Gulshan said that he had to do a romantic scene with Katrina Kaif. Bachchan was in the same frame and they had to romance in front of him. Gulshan wanted to get the scene right so he and Katrina practised it many times before they gave the shot. He shared that it was tough to do romantic scenes with the Katrina but the scene turned out to be so good that it got 30-40 million views online.

 LOL. Shooting intimate scenes are difficult regardless.

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