Smriti Irani was at one point the most popular face on Indian television and was famously called Tulsi Virani everywhere she went. It’s been years since we’ve seen her on a TV show but the actress makes up for it by letting us in on her life every now and then through her Instagram. She joined the social media platform a couple of days ago and she’s already taking it by storm!

Smriti was missing her daughter Shanelle dearly and posted this picture of her.

Guess what happened next? Bollywood’s baadshah Shah Rukh Khan reposted that photo and let us in on a secret. Smriti’s husband Zubin Irani and SRK are childhood friends and it was SRK who named their daughter Shanelle!

Aww! Smriti then told SRK he’s let the cat out of the bag!

Shanelle Irani

Who would’ve thought?! PS – How beautiful is name Shanelle? Love it!