MissMalini Review: NOW Salon

Hrishitaa Sharma , 02 Jun 2017

Everything you need to know about NOW Salon, Mumbai:

1) Overall Rating: 4.2 stars (out of 5)

2) Services I Tried:

Fukushuen​ ​Glow Mask –  It’s their most popular treat for instant glow and radiance. They use freshly squeezed tangerines , sweet lime, mint leaves power packed with 8 different Ayurveda herbs, as a mask to cool your skin. They also use a special light to work it’s magic.

Organic De-Tan Hand Spa – Freshly crushed Kashmir walnuts are a special treat to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It also has cocoa butter with Ayurvedic herbs to polish and smoothen your skin. A black Mask with a punch of tangy fresh fruits de-tans hydrates and softens your hands.

Hair Sheen Spa –  This is a healing and soothing mask for dry and damaged hair, it brings bounce and shine. It has pumpkin, avacado, goji berries and they set the tone for healthy hair. The Ayurvedic herbal vitamin infusion, relaxing head massage, steam and special lights do their own magic.

3) Ambience: The interiors of NOW Salon (Natural Organic World Salon) has a good balance between a fancy salon and an Ayurvedic clinic. You will feel and get the best of both worlds.

NOW Salon
NOW Salon

4) Cleanliness: It seems tidy and hygienic. Things are organized and placed in a pretty way everywhere.

5) Expertise: This salon unlike every other salon holds its niche in Ayurveda, so it addresses beauty woes right from the root in the most natural and effective manner. People can regard this space not just for salon services but also for any skin or hair ailments they want a remedy for.

6) Must-Try Service: Their hair regimens are really good. The hair treatment that I underwent made my hair look great for the entire week. I guess my hair spa regimen is now changed to 100% organic only, thanks to this salon service! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video.

7) Returning Customer: Most definitely.

8) Other Services: They give you tailor-made services for any problem areas you might have. Check out their packages in the gallery below.

NOW Salon packages
NOW Salon packages
NOW Salon packages
NOW Salon packages
NOW Salon packages

9) Walk-In or Reservations Only: Both.

10) Save, Spend, or Splurge: Splurge!

11) Locations: NOW Salon, 1st floor, Radha Sadan, corner of 18th road, Khar Danda road, Khar West 400052.

12) Hours: 10:00 AM onwards.

Fun Fact: This salon has its own range of super awesome products that you can pick up from the venue itself. Take a look at them in the gallery below. Psst! I am hooked to their All Good Things moisture spray.

Himalayan Salt Scrub NOW BODY CARE
Ethereal Shampoo and Himalayan Salt Scrub by NOW
All Good Things by NOW
White Face Mist by NOW
Vitamin E Hair Spray by NOW
Beard Mist by NOW

If you want me to review a spa/salon near you, comment below and I shall give you all the deets!

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