PHOTO: Yuvraj Thakur Just Shared This Lovely Photo Of Himself With Bani J

Sukriti Gumber , 02 Jun 2017

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The 1st one. Taken at a signal in the middle of traffic. Our cars just happen to be next to each other. I was just looking at him and realised this would be a cool picture. How many times have our cars just lined up next to each other and we get to drive side by side with the biggest smiles on our faces. Scenes out of movies. Life imitating Art, or the other way around? I get the camera out and rush in a mild palpatative panic because I realise to take this picture I have to undo my seatbelt and pop half my body out of my car window before the signal changes🚦 Doesn't he look so amused? Lol. ______________________________________ First instax dedicated to my Human @yuv_thehuman. Circa 14th April 2017 ______________________________________ #morepleaseyesthankyou #comingsoon #instax #filmphotography #theflashmayhaveblindedhim #hecontinuedtodrivesomustbeOk #lol #thatconcern #thepicturetho #thatyouth #indiantraffic #personinacar #FilmPhotography #backtothePast #goodoldFilm #fuckurconventionallovestory

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Despite constant rumours of a possible split, Yuvraj Thakur and Bani J emerged stronger than ever. They are definitely here to stay – and their sweet innocent PDA on social media is proof enough!

After Bani set some really unmatchable #BaeGoals with her polaroid grid for Yuv, the latter posted a beautiful photo of them on Instagram.

Check it out here:

So much love and peace – all captured in a frame!

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