Divyanka Tripathi Recalls The Horrible Incident When She Was Stalked By A Fan

Sukriti Gumber , 12 Jun 2017
Divyanka Tripathi (Source: The Wedding Story | Facebook)

Divyanka Tripathi has a massive fan following. She is a hit with the audience due to her character, Ishima, and now also as an amazing dancer on Nach Baliye 8. However, stardom comes at price!

The actress shared a haunting incident when a guy who used to trace her location, send gifts for Divyanka and her entire family. He would follow her, randomly call her to give compliments like ‘Divyanka aaj aap bohot acchi lag rahi ho pink mein‘. He also went to the extent of calling her up one day to say that their wedding cards have been printed with the venue and other details. Divyanka had to change her number, block him from all her social media accounts, after which he eventually stopped disturbing her.

We shudder to even think about it! Stalking can be horrifying and traumatising mentally and we are glad Divyanka managed to come out of it safely.

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