Here's What Happened When A Fan Snuck Into Salman Khan's Building

Divya Rao , 12 Jun 2017
Salman Khan

We hear stories about actors being stalked all the time. It can be creepy and scary, which is possibly why they like to keep security with them for most of the time. Salman Khan in undeniably one of the biggest stars in the country with an enviable fan following, and more often than not, his fans try everything under the sun to catch a glimpse of their favourite.

One such incident happened recently. A fan Mohammad Sirajuddin entered the compound of Salman’s apartment at 1:30am while the security guard was on rounds. Some residents saw him entering the building the informed the guard, who later found him in the toilet which is used by the guards. They later handed him to the police who questioned him. The fan said he sneaked in to use the loo!

Salim Khan spoke to Mid-Day about the incident.

I am unaware of the exact details of the person who entered the building, but every day there are several people who enter and exit Galaxy Apartments besides the residents. There must be at least 50 people coming in daily. It is the watchman’s job to check on them.

We’re just glad that he was caught in time. Scary!

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