This Journalist Brilliantly Shut Down A Maulvi Who Challenged Her To Come To Work In Her Underwear

Divya Rao , 12 Jun 2017
Faye D’Souza | Mirror Now

The last two weeks on the Internet in India have been rather tumultuous. Priyanka Chopra met with Narendra Modi and all the Internet focused on was the dress she was wearing. People thought it was disrespectful on her part to show her legs when she met the Prime Minister of India and were quick to post hate comments on her Instagram. Soon after, Fatima Sana Sheikh posted a photo of her in a swimsuit from a recent photoshoot and people took offence to that saying she shouldn’t be posing in her swimsuit during the holy month of Ramadan.

What even! A woman goes out there and achieves incredible things that we should be proud of has and all that people focus on is her choice of clothing. In a recent debate on Mirror Now, a maulvi verbally attacked and challenged the anchor of the show, Faye D’Souza, asking her to come to her office in underwear if she wants to prove that she’s equal to men. It was utterly disgusting but Faye was a total boss and brilliantly shut him down!

Watch the video here.

She handled the situation so well. More power to you, Faye!

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