Guess Who: This TV Actor's Wife's Insecurity Has Became A Nuisance For His Team

Divya Rao , 15 Jun 2017

We hear about insecure couples all the time and more so about actors and their frivolous affairs. The late nights and long hours of shoot is enough to get a partner insecure. We came across this blind item in the morning and are still trying to guess who this is.

Reportedly, a certain TV actor’s wife has become so insecure of her hot husband cheating on her, that she ends up visiting his sets more often than needed. And guess what makes this weirder? She does so on days that he’s got intimate scenes to shoot with his co-star. She also apparently has a problem with her husband giving interviews along with the co-star, getting the actress really annoyed. The wife’s constant interference has now riled up the production team and they’re all quite miffed with her.

Her husband has a massive fan following and is really popular with the girls. The show is also doing really well right now and the chemistry between the two actors is being much loved.

Any guesses on who this could be?

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