How To Wear A Multi-Coloured Manicure

How To Wear A Multi-Coloured Manicure

Natasha Patel

I’m a sucker for a good manicure. And once you go acrylic gel, you ain’t going back. But don’t let my stiletto claws fool you—When it comes to the colour, I always keep it subtle and simple. More classic right? Well, this time around I thought that a little experimentation wouldn’t hurt. So I went ahead and tried out the multi-accent manicure. In other words, this manicure would have more than just one accent nail (a different colour, style, design). I went with a three-colour combo; purple, grey and silver glitter. Not enough inspo to nail the trend? Here are some tips on how to wear the trend:

1. Start simple with the same family shade: In this case, the chrome fam.

2. Keep it pretty and co-ordinated: White, pink and glitter.

3. Include a nude somewhere if you go bold in design

4. Keep the colour the same but change up the design/artwork

So, what will your paws look like?

Leave me a comment below with your favourite!