This Dye Is Like A Mood Ring For Your Hair

Jyotika Udeshi , 15 Jun 2017

We often change up our hair colour based on what’s going on in our lives. Summer calls for buttery highlights, whilst the colder season has us sporting a low maintenance, ombré look. But what if we told you that your locks could change hues in an instant?

Although it sounds futuristic, this phenomena is actually a reality. An innovations lab called The Unseen has invented a colour-changing hair dye called ‘Fire’. The brand and its founder, Lauren Bowker, are known for their one-of-a-kind creations, such as a Swarovski headpiece that visualises brain activity.

The inspiration for this dye came from the hair transformations in the 1996 movie, The Craft. The magic however, is all thanks to science. Essentially, the chemical bonds in the tint change colours when subjected to heat or cold. This means that you could sport a red mane indoors and a pastel one outdoors!

Unfortunately, the product isn’t available for purchase yet. According to their website, the company is currently on the lookout for commercial partners to help them launch their innovations. Until then, we’ll keep ourselves satisfied with their enthralling Instagram videos.

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