Meet Kylie Jenner’s Newest Competitor

Meet Kylie Jenner’s Newest Competitor

Natasha Patel

Didn’t think you’d be seeing Kim Kardashian‘s face there now, did ya‘? Well, yes. It’s true. Beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner‘s about to face some heavy competition from her older sister when it comes to ruling the beauty world. Kim took to social media with news that will change the whole damn game!

Introducing KKW Beauty

Kim revealed what the first makeup product in KKW Beauty will be—And it ain’t a shocker. It’s a contour product; more specifically a collection of creme contours.

Here’s a picture of Kim wearing the creme contour and highlight kit:

When will you be able to get your hands on the KKW Beauty? In literally 5 days!

So guys, in Kimmy’s words, “Get ready to be contoured!”

Pssst: She also teased over Snapchat that she creating a fragrance.

We’re SO ready! Let the countdown a.k.a battle begin!