Ranbir Kapoor Reacts To Katrina Kaif's "Will Never Work Together Again" Comment

Divya Rao , 21 Jun 2017
Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor

We told you earlier about how Katrina Kaif was quoted in an interview saying that she’ll never work with Ranbir Kapoor again… For some reason, we felt like that couldn’t be true and it was said in jest because it’s very unlike Katrina to say something like that.

Now, her ex Ranbir Kapoor has come forth and clarified the rumours. He told NDTV in an interview,

I will be honest with you. We were at a Facebook chat and I cracked a joke on her and she cracked it back at me. It is not fair that the media made it out to be my joke and made it like something I said. I wouldn’t say that. So yes, it is not true. Katrina and I have amazing creative partnership. I love working with her. She has really allowed me to shine and she has very gracefully done that for me. She has increased my stardom. She was a much bigger star and she worked with me, like in Rajneeti. And we really needed her in this film. Dada was sure, he was like, “I want Katrina.” He wanted her energy. Katrina is funny, she is really funny when she is not trying. And to get that, I think Dada has been successful. It is an action role for her. She is doing buffoonery in the film without it looking like buffoonery. I was enjoying it, seeing her falling and getting up and stuff.

Well, looks like it’s not the end for them just yet then… on-screen at least. YAY!

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