Trendy Hairstyles You Can Wear For Your Next Yoga Class

Natasha Patel , 21 Jun 2017

While yoga can leave you hot and sweaty (and with an insanely toned body) doesn’t mean you should dress raggedy and leave your hair in a top knot (guilty!). On the contrary, a cute outfit and hairstyle is what will most definitely get you out of bed and onto that yoga mat.

And if you have your outfits sorted, here are some cute hairstyles that will look major:

1. Dutch braids with a twist.

Yarn + Braids for @dulcecandy using @bumbleandbumble sumogel & bb strong finish spray ?? #bbxcastillo #festivalhair

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2. A high multi-braided ponytail.

Pop your [email protected] looking pretty (badass) in a multi-braid pony by @felixfischerhair ?

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3. Mixing up ponytails with braids.

4. Going funky with your pigtail braids.

Tuesdays ?? #braidsfordays #funky #sarahangius

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5. Adding something pretty to your braided bun.

Bow-ing out tonight ?✨?Adorbs braided bun by @cabellobycarolina ? @bumbleandbumble ?

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6. Keeping it messy but classy sans hair elastics.

7. Changing up your regular pony with a centre braid.

8. Using all your bobby pins incase you’ve got an oily mane.

SNATCHED ➖➖➖ BobbY Pin Do @kimkardashian Hair by me #chrisappletonhair Makeup @1maryphillips

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9. Double trouble with double buns.

@ryanrichman did this updo sooo right??

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10. High pigtails because why not?

Which look would want to try out? Comment below and let us know!

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