The Makers Of Bigg Boss Have A New Rule For The 'Commoners' This Year

Divya Rao , 22 Jun 2017
Bigg Boss 10

The last season of Bigg Boss introduced the world to the likes of Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga, who continue to do the most ridiculous things outside the house. We told you not too long ago that this season too shall have commoners again with the celebrities, but this time, the rules will be tougher for the commoners.

After ex contestants maligned the channel and the makers post the show, they’re now taking no chances. A sources confirmed to Bollywood Life,

This year, there is a special clause in the contract. No common man entering the show will be allowed to malign the channel and makers after his or her elimination. In case, they do they will be asked to cough up Rs 10 lakh from their earnings or winning amount.

Uh oh. That’s a lot of money!

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