Kim Kardashian Proves She’s The Kontour Kween

Kim Kardashian Proves She’s The Kontour Kween

Natasha Patel

It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian‘s KKW Beauty is just about the only thing every makeup junkie can talk about. Recently, as I was scrolling through her IG feed waiting for the next restock announcement, I came across an interesting video where Kim herself does her makeup—Flawlessly!

As everyone knows Kim loves a good contour. In fact majority of the reason she even launched her line first with these contour kits was because she mentions (in the video below) her usual go-to makeup routine includes applying creme contour while keeping the rest of her face bare and minimal.

Now that you know exactly what Kimmy likes to do with her makeup, watch her actually break down her everyday look using the contour kits.

Yep, fine minutes is all it takes to achieve Kim K’s bronzed goddess look. Damn Gina, I want a piece of that STAT!

What do you guys think about it? Would you try her five minute contour anytime soon?