OMG. Dhinchak Pooja Could Get Arrested!

Divya Rao , 29 Jun 2017
Dhinchak Pooja

Selfie maine le li hai” – If you feel like murdering someone every time you hear these words, blame Dhinchak Pooja. She has become an overnight sensation (and the reason for everyone’s annoyance)  with her out-of-tune songs, but it looks like things could get a little tricky for her now.

One person, who probably has borne the brunt of listening to her songs tagged the Delhi Police in a tweet asking them to take action against her for riding around the city without a helmet. He attached a picture too for reference, and guess what? The Delhi Police soon replied saying action will be taken!

Here, see for yourself.

And if you want to watch the song (I don’t know why you would), but here you go.


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