Ram Gopal Verma Summoned To The Court For His Comments Against Lord Ganesha

Sukriti Gumber , 29 Jun 2017
Ram Gopal Verma

Ram Gopal Verma is an absolute badass on Twitter. he probably never thinks twice before posting a tweet and is known to say just about anything about anyone. Tiger Shroff, Sania Mirza, Sunny Leone are a few who became the butt of his jokes.

Now you know how the sins of your past often come back to haunt you! RGV’s tweets from 2014 – which involved Lord Ganesha – have landed him in trouble. Social activist Vivek Shetty lodged a complaint against RGV for his comments, which was followed by court’s summon orders.

The tweets have now been removed from his Twitter timeline, but here are a few of the meaningless things he posted:

“Does Lord Ganesha eat much more than other Gods? My doubt is becos all the other Gods are either trim or muscular.”

“Does Lord Ganesha eat with his hands or his trunk?”

“I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha’s devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him.”

Questioning someone’s religious sensibilities is definitely not cool! Your thoughts?

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