Sohail Khan

I watched Tubelight a couple of days ago and the relationship between Salman Khan and Sohail Khan was so endearing that I wished there was more screen time with them together in the film. Because it’s not everyday that you get to see the Khan brothers in a film, no? Sohail has now confirmed that there was a lot more of him in the film but eventually had to be cut down by Kabir Khan to suit his vision. Here’s what he told DNA.

There was a lot more, for sure. What we shot together, Salman bhai and I, or even what was narrated in the script. Later, Kabir decided to cut it down. Which is fine because the film was not made to celebrate Salman bhai’s brotherhood with me. So no complaints. I am very happy with the film and with the time Bhai and I shared in it.

We’re happy too! Just wish we could’ve seen more of him. 🙂