Two Female Superstars Are Fighting Over This Billionaire

Shreemi Verma , 01 Jul 2017

If this isn’t the clash of titans, I don’t know what is – Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are reportedly fighting over the same man. According to British tabloid – Daily Mail, Naomi is mad at reports of Rihanna and Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel getting together when she was pretty close to him last year.

Reports of Rihanna and Hassan started doing the rounds when photos of them getting intimate in a swimming pool in Ibiza emerged in the media. According to a source, the supermodel is angry with the new couple as she hates feeling “second best”.

The source added –

They’re both formidable women. No one knows exactly what went on between Naomi and Hassan but she certainly doesn’t like being second best. And Rihanna is someone that falls hard for someone, and nothing can get in the way.

Shots fired?

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