Mira Rajput Talks About Her Plans Of Having Another Baby

Shreemi Verma , 03 Jul 2017
Shahid Kapoor, Misha Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput‘s little baby Misha will turn one this year and she’s adorable. Her gorgeous mother, Mira spoke about her child, her husband and her career goals to Mid-Day, where she casually slipped in her plans to have a second baby before she pursues anything. Yep, Shahid and Mira are planning to have another child!

When asked if she wants to pursue a career –

Yes, I would love to work, especially in a field that is creatively stimulating, but also allows me time with family. Perhaps something with food, or lifestyle.

Mira vehemently denied that she has any interest to be in the movies. The interviewer then asked if she has a deadline for her career, she said –

No, because I am going to have another baby, and then decide.

Nice! Will they name their second child Shira? They really should.

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