Guess Who: This Popular Bollywood Couple Broke Up Over A Text

Shreemi Verma
Guess Who
Guess Who

According to a blind item on, this Bollywood couples’ break-up came as a surprise to many when the actress discussed her ex at a show. Nobody knows why the two actually broke up though, as their relationship withstood its fair share of drama and controversies. But rumours are rife that they broke up over a text message. The sad part was that even their mutual friends got involved between the two and were put in an awkward position.

Apparently the actor told his girlfriend it was over by sending an SMS. The actress then forwarded the same message to their common friend to discuss the problem, but the said friend happened to be with the actor when this happened. When the actress found out about it, she got pretty angry with the friend. The troubles for the now former couple began when they fought at an awards function earlier this year. Even last year, at another awards function (outside the country), a young actress kept hitting on the actor and he didn’t really seem to mind the attention. She refused to leave his room where he kept a private party and when news reached the girlfriend, she was quite mad.

On returning, he assured his girlfriend that nothing happened. Things were okay for a while but it looks like this break-up is final. Any guesses?

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