"I Used To Go Non-Stop, 24 Hours Full Power, No Sh** No Shower" - Ranveer Singh

Sukriti Gumber , 11 Jul 2017

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Ranveer Singh‘s energy is unmatched and infectious. Even on my best days, I don’t exude an iota of the energy he has. (Okay, JK) Anyway, Ranveer is crazy and everybody loves him for being his unusual self. The fireball turned 32 recently – no, he’s not a teenager – and it seems that his mad streak is here to stay!

Ever wondered how Ranveer must be when he was a young, wild teenager? He spilled the beans recently in an interview with DNA and said how he has changed & mellowed down over the years. He said:

You can’t party three nights out in a row like it used to be. If you are at a rave, after the eighth hour, you have to sleep. Earlier I used to go non-stop, 24 hours full power, no sh** no shower. The body needs rest. I feel like one life-time is running out, and I have to do everything, but the body has certain limitations, now. Especially, when it comes to actors where they are pushed to the brink. It shows up later. Injuries that you have got at 16, 24, etc are troubling now. So, you have take a little more care of your body, now.

I always knew growing up was a trap. Lol! Feel ya, Ranveer!

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