Tiger Shroff Breaks His Silence On Referring To Women As "Padding"

Sukriti Gumber , 11 Jul 2017
Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff received a lot of flak last week for allegedly referring to his female co-stars as “padding” during a recent media event. When he was asked about the female lead of his upcoming film, Student Of The Year 2, he said:

I don’t get involved with the casting at all. I don’t really care about the padding around me. It’s the script and my character that matter.

That caused an outrage on social media and Tiger was dismissed as a sexist who does not respect the importance of female characters in films. He clarified his comments in an interview with DNA and said that he was misinterpreted.

Tiger narrates that:

The reporter kept asking me about who my heroines in SOTY 2 are and she tried to also ask me if I’m pushing Disha (Patani) for my films. I just meant to say that all I care about are my role and work. Everything else depends on the director because ultimately, it’s his vision, after all.

He never referred to women as “padding”:

People who know me well know that I am not the kind of a guy to insult and disrespect women. I never called my heroines padding. I was referring to everything else about the film — how the director designs the film, shoots, and pads it up. I was talking about the structure and the padding around a film to make it larger and not about the girls at all.

He further added:

The reporter misinterpreted me completely in the process. She asked me if I was okay being cast opposite newcomers and I said it didn’t matter. What matters to me is the script and my role. I don’t interfere with the casting at all because I am very focussed on myself. That’s all a filmmaker’s responsibility. The last thing I would do is think of actresses as mere props.

Lastly, Tiger said:

I was too shocked to say anything. I just saw people slamming me for something I didn’t even mean. I hope people understand what I actually meant.

There, you heard it! Tiger was quoted out of context and he has no intention of sidelining female characters in his films.

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