If The Houses From ‘Game of Thrones’ Were Indian States, This Is What They’d Be

If The Houses From ‘Game of Thrones’ Were Indian States, This Is What They’d Be

Shreemi Verma

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones is going to be on your TV screens in less than a week, and of course, we’re dying to see the clash of the queens. But till then, let’s re-imagine what the show would look like if it was shot in India.

You know, like which state of the country shares similarities with which House in Westeros. We’ve previously re-cast the show with Bollywood actors anyway, so why not base them in India too, eh?

So here goes:

Winterfell : Himachal Pradesh

The Stark Family - Game Of Thrones
The Stark Family – Game Of Thrones

The North is vast, green and beautiful, just like our state right below snowy Jammu and Kashmir – Himachal Pradesh.

Why it works: The people of Himachal take concepts related to personal and family honour very seriously, just like Ned Stark. Could it be pure coincidence that Himachal is geographically situated in India where Winterfell would be in Westeros?

Not convinced yet? Just see how similar they look:

Winterfell - Himachal Pradesh
Left: Winterfell; Right: Himachal Pradesh

Told you!

Casterly Rock : Gujarat

[S4] Lannister armor, Lannister swords, Lannister Gold

Casterly Rock is the seat of the rich and powerful Lannisters. If they’d ever have to move to India, Gujarat would be the right place for them.

Why it works: Well, Gujarat is known for being prosperous and wealthy, and Gujarati people are often regarded as intelligent and ingenious. Gujarat wields outsized power and influence in India, something which comes rather naturally to the Lannisters.

Casterly Rock and Gujarat
Lafte: Casterly Rock; Right: Gujarat

Come to think of it, today’s most famous Gujarati, Narendra Modi, gives off major Tywin Lannister vibes anyway, doesn’t he?

Night’s Watch : Jammu and Kashmir

Why it works: Snowy Jammu and Kashmir would definitely be where the men of the Night’s Watch guard the wall, securing the volatile Northern border. Makes perfect sense.

Also, the Wall could easily have been plucked out of one of Kashmir’s breathtaking mountain ranges:

The Wall and Kashmir
Left:The Wall; Right: Kashmir

Iron Islands : Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Iron Islands come under the rule of the King of the Andals, but are always a little distant from the rest of the Kingdom. House Greyjoy has the best naval base, and their ships ultimately play a very important role in Daenerys reaching Westeros.

Why it works: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the only tri-service theater command of the Indian Armed forces. The command includes 15 ships of the Indian Navy, two Navy Sea bases, four Air Force and Naval Air bases and two Army brigades. Needless to say, it plays a very important role in India’s defense sector.

Iron Islands - Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Left: Iron Islands; Right: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Vale of Arryn : Arunachal Pradesh

Mountains, greenery and a castle high enough to have a moon door which makes people ‘fly’. The Vale is said to be impregnable with it’s vast mountains.

Why it works: Arunachal Pradesh houses some of the highest peaks of the Himalayas, making the topography of Jon and Lysa Arryn‘s kingdom and Arunachal Pradesh very similar; they’re both pretty breathtaking.

Vale and Arunachal Pradesh
Left: Vale; Right: Arunachal Pradesh

Riverlands : Rajasthan

Catelyn Stark and Brynden Tully
Left: Catelyn Stark; Right: Brynden Tully

House Tully is situated in the Western Riverlands and can definitely adjust well to the rich city of Udaipur.

Why it works: They strongly go by their words of wisdom: Family, Duty, Honour – also the motto of the Rajput warriors. House Stark and House Tully share similar values, which is why Catelyn and Ned made such a good pair.

Their son Robb Stark had the best of both houses, making him a fearsome warrior and commander. Why else do you think that the mighty Twyin Lannister had to kill them all in such a horrible and unfair manner? (I’M TALKING ABOUT THE RED WEDDING AND I’M STILL NOT OKAY).

Riverrun and Rajasthan
Left: Riverrun; Right: Rajasthan

The Tullys are a fierce bunch, who will sacrifice anything for the righteousness of their family and their capital looks a lot a close relative of the castles of Udaipur.

King’s Landing : Mumbai

King's Landing
King’s Landing

As Tyrion Lannister‘s former (now dead) lover Shae once said of King’s Landing, the place smells of piss, shit and semen. Don’t know about the last part, but Bombay does smell rather bad. Yet, no one wants to leave it.

Why it works: King’s Landing is busy, ruthless, has the richest people in the country as well as the poorest. People leave their hometowns and come to try their luck here. This place is basically Mumbai.

Kings Landing - Mumbai
Left: King’s Landing; Right: Mumbai

Dorne : Tamil Nadu

Why it works: Situated down South, both Dorne and Tamil Nadu are rich in culture and diversity. After the death (murder) of the men in power, Ellaria Sand and the Sand sisters have been doing a commendable job of handling the kingdom. I mean, they are partnering with Daenerys after all. She definitely seems to be the strongest right now. Tamil Nadu has similarly benefitted from the leadership or women, who have recently wielded the most political clout.


Also the balmy weather down south really suits the sunny Dorne.

Dorne - Tamil Nadu
Left: Dorne; Right: Tamil Nadu

Highgarden : Karnataka

Why it works: The exquisite Tyrells of Highgarden are intelligent, sharp and gorgeous (RIP the stunning Margaery and Loras Tyrell). They’re best suited for the land which gave us Aishwarya Rai and Rahul Dravid.

Plus just look at this –

Highgarden - Karnataka
Left: Highgarden; Right: Karnataka

I mean it’s basically the same.

Dragonstone : West Bengal

The original seat of the Targaryens before they took over King’s Landing, Dragonstone was Stannis Baratheon‘s stronghold till he died.

Why it works: The castle was built by using advanced Valyrian stonemasonry techniques and it’s rumoured to be the first place Daenerys Targaryen will go to when she reaches Westeros. West Bengal seems to be the perfect match for the place where some of the sharpest and most celebrated Indians come from. Also a lot of history and culture originates from House Targaryens and Bengalis, so there, I’ve made my point.

Dragonstone - West Bengal
Left: Dragonstone; Right: West Bengal

Don’t forget to tune in to Season 7 which premieres on Star World and Star World HD in India on July 18th.