8 Things That Happened On The First Episode Of Game of Thrones Season 7 That No One Saw Coming

8 Things That Happened On The First Episode Of Game of Thrones Season 7 That No One Saw Coming

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The Hound and Arya
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The first episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones is out and about. While we’re aware that Daenerys and her fleet are finally reaching Westeros and Cersei will take no time in passing orders as the Queen of the seven kingdoms, here’s a list of the most unexpected things that happened in today’s episode.

Spoilers ahead –

1) Arya annihilating House Frey –

“The North Remembers”

The first episode stars with the most shocking scenes before the credits, and the iconic GOT theme even starts playing.

Arya Stark takes the face of Walder Frey (the same man who she served pies made of his sons’ body parts, the same man who betrayed the Starks and made the Red Wedding happen, the same man whose throat she slit in the last episode of the previous season).

As Walder, she makes all the men of the house drink some fine wine. The wine is laced with poison and with one move, she kills all the men of House Frey.http://tomfooleryprime.tumblr.com/post/163075989794/revenge-is-sweet-and-tastes-a-lot-like-wine


2) Jaime trying to put some sense into Cersei’s head

When it comes to the twisted relationship between siblings and lovers Jaime and Cersei, I always feel that Jaime is the one who is more into her.

Which is why it was interesting to see how he reacts when Cersei does something similar to what the Mad King was threatening to do, before Jaime killed him.

In this episode, he gives a good reality check to Cersei who still believes she’s the ruler of seven kingdoms. “Three kingdoms at best“, he says. Can’t wait to see what how he’ll react if Cersei does accept Euron Greyjoy‘s marriage proposal.http://heylookitsametaphor.tumblr.com/post/163078418949/same-jaime

3) The Hound seeing the dead bodies of the farmer and his daughter he stole from

The Hound
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The Hound is travelling North with the Brotherhood Without Banners when they come across a deserted cottage. He’s reluctant to go in because this is the same place he and Arya had got shelter in during season 4.http://hurtta.tumblr.com/post/163077590654/the-gravedigger

A poor farmer and his daughter took them in and served them food. The farmer even offered him a job, but the Hound struck him and took all his silver. In his defense, he believed that the winter would kill those two, and that’s exactly what happens. He digs a grave for their bodies, showing how much he has changed since the last time he was there.

4) Ser Jorah being at the Citadel where Sam is currently training to be a maesterhttp://favor757.tumblr.com/post/163087386153/has-she-come-yet-who-the-dragon-queen

When poor Sam has to deal with the shit (literally) at the Citadel, we see just an arm of a man infected with Greyscale, asking Sam if Daenerys has arrived.

Not much is revealed about what happens to Ser Jorah the Andal after that, but it’s interesting to see the most trusted aides of Jon and Daenerys at the same place.

5) The Citadel being a lot like Hogwartshttp://rinsin68.tumblr.com/post/163085554469/oh-my-god-i-didnt-notice-professor-slughorn

I mean we have Jim Broadbent, who was Professor Slughorn in the Harry Potter series playing a maester who doesn’t give Sam the permission to enter the restricted section of the library! All we need is for Sam to mysteriously get access to an invisibility cloak and the Marauders Map.

6) Sansa and Jon having conflicting viewshttp://gifsofgot.tumblr.com/post/163082507607/joffrey-never-let-anyone-question-his-authority

Of course this would happen, but so quickly? I didn’t expect that. But I was pleased to see that despite their differences, the two still admire each other.

The best part though was Sansa just shutting Littlefinger up.http://iheartsophieturner.tumblr.com/post/163077992287/no-need-to-seize-the-last-word-lord-baelish-i

7) Ed Sheeran?!http://a-wondrous-love.tumblr.com/post/163081199962

Yea, that was odd, but also nice.

8) Tyrion not having a single dialogue

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The character with the best lines of the show was kept completely quiet as Daenerys with her army and allies reached Westeros. The fleet landed on Dragonstone and we finally got to see the gorgeous castle, the intimidating throne room and the table with the map of Westeros where Stannis and Melisandre had sex and created that creepy magic baby who stabbed Renly Baratheon.

But all that doesn’t matter anymore because Danny’s home!http://emison-evak.tumblr.com/post/163081417806/im-not-crying-you-are

This show ❤️

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