Rumour Has It: This Married Actor Offered His Girlfriend Two Movies To Keep Their Affair A Secret

Divya Rao , 17 Jul 2017

We came across an interesting blind item in Pinkvilla this morning and it’s rather convoluted. Reportedly, a married superstar who is known for his philandering ways is currently shooting with a much younger heroine for his next film. The two have worked together in a film in the past and if rumours are to be believed, he fell in love with her on the sets of that movie. Thus began their affair.

Much to the actor’s dismay, his wife found out and was obviously not very pleased. On the other hand, the younger heroine reportedly wants to come out in the open and talk about her relationship, but he actor has pressurised her into keeping quiet on the matter. He has in return, offered her two of his next movies.

Wow, this world of Bollywood is more complicated than one thinks. Who do you think this could be? Any guesses?

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