This Popular Celebrity Is Throwing A Party To Celebrate His Divorce!

Sukriti Gumber , 17 Jul 2017
Raghu Ram, Sugandha

Raghu Ram and his wife Sugandha have reportedly filed for divorce and the former Roadies judge now plans throw a party to celebrate his divorce once the court proceedings are over. Umm, okay, interesting!

After being married for almost a decade, Raghu and Sugandha mutually parted ways in 2016. They have been living separately since almost a year. They are still good friends, as per Raghu, and are quite cool with the way things have proceeded. At a recent media event, he said:

Well, Sugandha is currently studying in Madrid and once she is back, we will get back with the formalities. There is nothing much to say now, I will make an announcement once the proceedings are over, and will also throw a divorce party.

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